Director:  Jasmine McGlade

Screenwriter:  Jasmine McGlade

Cast: Zoe Saldana

Producers: Casey Affleck, Whitaker Lader, Jasmine McGlade; Silver Reel, Imagine Entertainment

Genre: Drama/Sports/Thriller/Coming of Age

Fencer is the story of a hard-charging female athlete who faces personal demons and childhood rivals as she vies for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team. The script is inspired by Jasmine’s personal experiences as a champion fencer. Fencer aims, among other things, to depict the intensity of fencing, and the pressures of competition. A celebration of dedication, and a cautionary tale, the film explores the deleterious effects of jealousy and approval seeking. Rejecting the stereotype that fencing is merely a sport of preppy, wealthy, and Caucasian individuals, Fencer offers a more realistic representation of high-level competitive fencing.



Director:  Damien Chazelle

Screenwriter:  Damien Chazelle

Producers: Fred Berger, Marc Platt, Jordan Horowitz

Cast:  Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, John Legend, Rosemarie Dewitt

Genre: Musical

Status: In theaters December 2016

Executive Producer: Jasmine McGlade

Winner of 6 Oscars®


14 Oscars® nominations, tied with Titanic and All About Eve for most nominations in Academy Awards®  history


Winner of 7 Golden Globes, ​the most number of wins for a film in Globes history


Director:  Jasmine McGlade Chazelle

Screenwriter:  Jasmine McGlade Chazelle

Cast:  Judy Marte, Karen Black, Brian Rieger, Lauren Fales

Producers: Jennifer Glynn, Tiana Matthews, Jasmine McGlade Chazelle, Damien Chazelle

Genre: Drama

A young woman struggling to deal with her mother’s death and her father’s mistakes reconnects with her half-sister, and, inspired by a new boyfriend, sets out on a quest to find someone to help. Though excited and hopeful when she meets a woman in need, she encounters a situation more emotionally and morally complicated than she had expected to find. The film stars Judy Marte and Oscar® nominated actress Karen Black. Released in 2012.

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Director:  Damien Chazelle

Screenwriter:  Damien Chazelle

Cast:  Jason Palmer, Desiree Garcia

Producer: Jasmine McGlade

Genre: Musical

A critically aclaimed full-fledged song-and-dance musical written and directed by Oscar® nominated director Damien Chazelle, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench tells the story of two separated lovers, a young jazz trumpeter (Jason Palmer) and an introverted woman (Desiree Garcia), who slowly wind their way back into each other's lives through a series of romances and near-romances punctuated by song. Recasting the MGM musical tradition in a gritty, near-documentary style, the film features all original songs recorded by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and choreography by Kelly Kaleta. Released in 2010.


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